Top Level Advice

My clinical experience

  • I have been in full-time practice as a Medical Herbalist since 2004 and have treated thousands of patients during this time.

  • I have taught several courses on herbal medicine to novices and professionals.

  • I have conducted several group research projects, particularly focusing on dietary and herbal interventions.

My work is research based and continuously moving forward in tune with current best practice.

The most important thing to me is seeing my knowledge and ideas work in practice, and sharing my insights with patients.

I want to see people succeed in their health goals and help by providing a clear understanding of how to achieve them.

  • I primarily use herbs and nutrition to help people transform their health and wellbeing. This is a very powerful combination that comes to you direct from nature.

  • Many of my patients also take conventional pharmaceutical medicines, and I share my awareness of the potential for interactions when combining these with herbs. My intention is to help you in your choices with the transformative power of natural medicines.

  • An initial consultation takes one hour - for further info on my approach please read my cornerstones.